Denis Roberts

Denis Roberts


When I was a lot younger, I played for the Philadelphia minor league. Love baseball! My Dad worked in operation of large equipment. Through it all I found that I had a deep interest in my environment and nature. Almost forty years ago I decided that I liked working outdoors more than I liked being inside working as a translator in Guarani, Spanish and Portuguese. I enjoy being an educated environmental steward.

Over the last forty years I received training in lawn and ornamental care, tree care, termite and Green Pest Management. The values that are reflected in our company culture is respect, honesty, kindness and improving as we grow. I have an amazing wife and children who are the light of my life. We have 5 sons, 4 daughters and 17 grandchildren, so far. When they all come home it is absolutely terrific, but is also very noisy! Love to see them come!


• Licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture

• Certified Best Management Practices; FL DEP

• Candidate Entomology Certification; FAMU, State of Florida

• Turfgrass, Tree, Shrub, & Pest Management; Pest Management
University, UF

• Green Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)

• Current with EPA & IFAS research

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts

Landscape & Turf Manager

As the Nature’s Finest Landscape and Turf department manager my job is making your  landscape and turf healthy for a more beautiful home.

I am committed. 

I ensure that the correct treatments for your lawn and landscape are applied at the right time and in the correct way, protecting our environment for our future generations.  For example, in the fall I’ve seen others offer to kill the whiteflies on your crepe myrtles for about $150. My team and I will encourage you to wait until the leaves fall off.  That fly’s natural cycle is to die anyway when the leaves fall.  My attention to detail and knowledge of horticulture, ornamental diseases and life cycles of bugs gives me the skills to monitor your lawn and landscape and choose the treatment plan that is most effective. I have attention to detail creating a green and healthy lawn.  It usually makes your neighbor green with envy.  

My team will work to get rid of harmful bugs you have in your grass, plants, shrubs, or trees. We work to keep the good bugs that help the plants stay healthy, fighting off harmful bugs, and give your plants the beautiful blooms you look for. My best friend is my wife Liz, who is beautiful, talented and exceptionally smart and kind. We have four young children that keep us both on our toes.  Also, my wife tells me that I love to walk on the moonlit beach and that I have a wit that won’t quit.


Licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture

Certified Best Management Practices; FL DEP

Candidate Entomology Certification; FAMU, State of Florida

Turfgrass, Tree, Shrub, & Pest Management; Pest Management University, UF

Green Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)

Current with EPA & IFAS research

Edgar Gomez

Edgar Gomez

Termite & Green Pest Manager

I have always enjoyed nature, and am fascinated as I study how organisms work together to maintain a balanced ecosystem.  That fascination motivated me to study Environmental Sciences at Florida State University.  I learned about practices that harm our environment and affect our treasured planet.

This is why I am committed to work with Nature’s Finest.  We make a difference in our community by providing excellent customer services and effective and safe pest management. We do this by having committed and well-trained staff who identify pests for treatment. I do my part by being up to date on new indoor pest control products, correctly identifying pest, and rotating products to prevent insect resistance to treatments. This not only gives us great results, but provides savings to the customer by doing the right things at the right time.  We don’t operate on a crisis management style but on a preventative focus giving you a healthy home, while putting less stress on the environment, protecting Mother Nature! 


•B.S, in Environment and Society; FSU

•Best Management Practices; UF

•Master of General House Pest Management; UF

•Licensed with Florida Department of Agriculture

Frank Bouchard

Frank Bouchard

Education & Training Manager

With 15 years of experience I make sure that our technicians are up to date. I check to see that their knowledge is applied maximizing the quality of each technician’s application.

My training from The University of Florida IFAS program has taught me about how to maximize the good insects while controlling the bad bugs. Safety for you, our techs and our environment. Identifying the best applications for your home and a plethora of topics is my assignment.

I work with Nature’s Finest because I believe in the philosophy. We are Gentle on Mother Nature and are informed.

I look forward to meeting you on the job sites!

Emillie Ware

Emillie Ware

Sales Representative

I make sure that you clearly know what we can do for you. I match your needs.

I have worked for several other pest control companies. I now choose to work with Nature‘s Finest because they are truly a “cut above” and I’ve seen it. They are Gentle on Mother Nature and tough on bugs.

Donna Salyers

Donna Salyers

Office Manager

As the Office Manager I enjoy assisting you with any Lawn Care or pest needs.   I make sure that each department receives and is fully responsive to customers directions and needs. Having worked with the public for many years I have as my motto ‘Be Courteous, Professional, and Helpful with a large dose of knowledge and common sense.” My motto is a perfect match with Nature’s Finest.

I look forward to speaking with you, by phone or e-mail.

Jimmy Quijada

Jimmy Quijada

Pruning & Maintenance Manager
As Pruning & Maintenance Manager, I enjoy our customers and find pleasure in doing the little extras. I am dependable and take great pride in my work. My skills come from 12 years’ experience in the lawn maintenance industry.  Our focus is to improve your lawn, shrubs, trees and landscape.  We use the most environmentally friendly methods possible. I am confident that my team and I can provide you with the results you are looking for.
My knowledge of horticulture and ornamental plant diseases ensures a thriving and healthy landscape,  I am certified by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension as a Turf & Landscape Applicator and use Best Management Practices as set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to ensure high quality and environmentally friendly lawn and landscape maintenance for your property.
My sweetheart and daughters fill my life with happiness and joy.
Let my team help you keep your property healthy and beautiful all year round. We do the right things at the right time for optimum results.