7-Step Protocol

Our 7-Step Process encourages changing environmental factors to keep from attracting and harboring pests, while using proven methods to keep pests outside of your property.

1) Education

Green Pest Management (GPM) provides environmentally sensitive green solutions to provide the pest protection you want with the earth-centered properties you need to protect your world. GPM uses a systematic, rational approach that increases the benefits of bugs while excluding them from or limiting their effects on our living areas. The emphasis is on an integrated, systematic approach, which is knowledge-based, rather than an automatic knee-jerk "kill the critter" reaction to every bite, blemish or blight. It is an attitude of combining the most environmentally friendly methods to minimize the effects of pests. GPM methods have a minimal negative impact on the environment, people, animal's, plants, and beneficial bugs that are the natural enemies of the destructive bugs in our environment.

2) Inspection of Structural Envelope and Landscape

This is a critical step that gets your GPM program on track. The Green Pest Manager identifies any existing pests and notes cracks, crevices and other points of entry into your home. The pests potential food and water sources and existing pest activity are uncovered.

GPM requires that we use reliable survey methods identifying both pests and their natural enemies. We make note of any key pests, secondary pests, occasional pests and their predators, parasites and bacteria of the pests. This process detects and quantifies pests.

3) Removal of Food and Harborage

In a chemically oriented approach to pest control the steps to discourage and control infestations are ignored in favor of introducing large amounts of pesticides into our environment. GPM discourages pests by creating an environment unsuitable for them. This means removing food and water supply sources, leaky pipes, general yard debris, accessible pet food, garbage and other food sources. In lawns it means making sure all the factors in the microenvironment discourage the bad and encourages the good.

4) Exclusion

Exclusionary services are needed to keep the pests outside the structural envelope. In the landscape exclusionary services eliminate the conditions that encourage fungi or bug infestation. Bugs are good for our environment. They play an important role in the earth¹s eco-system. When they invade your world and become pests we need to take action. We get what bugs you!

GPM identifies specific areas of vulnerability to pest invasion and create a customized plan for controlling and eliminating any problems without introducing unnecessary chemicals and hazards. Services include sealing, caulking and removal of debris. Additionally, there must be centric pest prevention on the exterior areas. The Green Pest Manager knowing and understanding the unique living cycle of individual pests accomplishes management of exterior areas and makes species specific intervention.

5) Judicious Applications of Treatment Solutions

After assessment of conditions, development of a ³pest proofing² program, there may be the need to eliminate an existing infestation. Because in GPM, product application is just one part of an effective multifaceted program, it can be performed with restrain and focus. This means only those applications necessary to address your specific problem will be used and only in the locations and quantities necessary. The products are specially selected for low toxicity to people, pets, non-target pests and the environment.

6) Monitoring

Monitoring determines the effectiveness of actions taken and detects additional problems. Action level is based on the pest and beneficial inventories. The action is determined by experience and research that take into account expected effects on the environmental condition of pests, their natural enemies and the home.

7) Communication with Customer

Nature's Finest Team is the first line of professionals keeping our environment safe for a greener tomorrow. We are committed to the beauty and health of our customer¹s home and landscape. An important part of this process is keeping our customer up to date on their home and landscape services. We guarantee your satisfaction.



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