Why Fertilize in the Winter/Fall?

by The Pros

As we approach winter the growth of our turf dramatically slows down or the growth stops all together. It slows down because the days are shorter, days are cooler and ground temperature is dropping. Even though the grass is not growing it continues to need serious nutrition.

We are all familiar with nitrogen. Many times when we think of fertilizer nitrogen is the first thing that comes to mind. In plants nitrogen is essential for photosynthesis and further growth. It is clear that it is of major importance in helping our lawns to have the rich beautiful green color we love in the warm seasons.

Grass stores its energy, carbohydrates, in its roots. Through the cold seasons it is relying upon these stores for survival and to begin growth when ground temperatures heat up. If growth were encouraged in cold months the grass would use its stored energy weakening its roots. Weak roots are more susceptible to cold-damage and recover more slowly when the warm weather comes. Strong roots are more cold tolerant and ready to begin growth in the spring.

Because it is important to have strong roots for the winter, but not encourage growth with nitrogen, it is critical that a special micro-nutrient fertilizer is used. This specialized fertilizer prepares the lawn for dormancy and strengthens the roots. The formulation is critical. At Natures Finest we use a winter formulation that is the best for the cold seasons, not leftovers from earlier months. Truly you can expect the best from Natures Finest, The Lawn and Pest Pros.

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