Eradicate winter months

by The Pros

With each season weeds are seeding and growing.  If weeds were eradicated from a lawn volunteers will eventually grow because mother nature blows seeds throughout and her birds kindly give offerings with seeds, only to  happy to germinate where dropped.  If a healthy landscape is the goal it becomes  a constant and worthy monitoring  and on-going project.  

There are two types of weed control,  Post emergent and Pre-emergent weed control.  A decision must be made whether it is desirable using one or both methods of control.  Post emergent control kills the weeds as they are growing.  Pre emergent weed control treats the weed seeds which then stops weeds from emerging or growing.   

The most effective weed control is a combination of the two.  Pre-emergent eliminates the majority.  Post-emergent cleans up what the wind and birds bring giving a lush and beautiful lawn.

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