To bag or mulch?

by The Pros

Part of creating a beautiful lawn is neatness.  Some like to bag leaves thinking it is the only way to have a neat lawn.  Creating a mulch pile can be a great deal of work.  If a regular mowing schedule is maintained leaves can be mulched by using the mower to mulch the leaves and the lawns appearance will be neat and actually healthier.

The chopped leaves will compost with the soil and add nutrients back into the soil.  In fact it adds at least 6% nitrogen and multiple micro-nutrients.  Those extra nutrients means more effective use of fertilization in the spring and a healthier lawn.  

The added benefits to mulching by mower are that one-it is easier on the back.  two-Fewer bags are put into garbage dumps which is far better for our environment  3-neighbors are happier when leaves don't blow into their yards and no eyesores are waiting for waste trucks to pick up.

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