When time to fertilize?

by The Pros

Fertilization is a critically important part of any lawn maintenance program.  But as the old adage goes 'timing is everything.'  Don't fertilize as soon as it starts warming up.  That is a wrong strategy, especially in Tallahassee were spring and winter weather is so fickle.  It is counterproductive to fertilizer prematurely, the grass just isn't ready to use the nutrients.  The weeds would be happy for the meal but the grass would not benefit from the application.  

A good rule of thumb is to fertilize after the lawn mower has been used twice to cut the grass.  Don't use more than is directed on the package. Too much, or the wrong kind of fertilizer can cause thatch, fungi issues and possible insect trouble.  Too little or too much is a waste of hard earned money.  Applying the correct amount and type is worth the effort for both you and the environment. Get the timing right and both  Mother Nature and her Private Eyes will be pleased.   

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