Nature's Finest Meets National Standards

by The Pros

Nature's Finest has earned the exclusive designation of QualityPro and
QualityPro Schools from the National Pest Management Assoc.. [NPMA]. This
certification required intense testing and q demonstration of high
standards. The NPMA sets the industry wide standards. Nature's Finest has
applied for GreenPro certification.

The QualityPro program contains an environmental stewardship aspect that
requires companies to offer integrated pest Management [IPM] services to its
customers. Interestingly, Nature's Finest has practiced Green Pest Control
or IPM from their inception. Clearly understanding the importance of
environmental stewardship Nature's Finest had already trained employees to
utilize IPM practices before Green became the public's focus. This dynamic
program identifies companies that are a distinguished group acting a leaders
and pioneers to better serve consumers across the country.

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