Turf - demon?

by The Pros

A city commissioner proposed passing a city ordinance limiting lawns.  The purpose was to reduce the citizens carbon footprints by replacing turf with hardscapes saving the city water usage, water run-off and lawnmower exhaust. It was a bad idea!!! 

The fact is -  grass captures up to four times more carbon than is produced by machines used for lawn maintenance. Healthy lawns are carbon sinks, pulling and storing away carbon and they cool our homes, reducing electric bills.  

Benefits are increased if lawns are well-managed, cutting regularly, at appropriate heights, fertilizing and watering only when needed.  Cutting and pruning keep plants in a growing state, which keeps them actively pulling carbon dioxide - or greenhouse gases, reducing our environmental impact in our own back yard!!

Think of it - we reduce our impact on Earth simply by maintaining beautiful lawns, shrubs, trees, and flowers.  They help us in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint!  It is a fun and responsible way to care for our world.  A healthy lawn and landscape makes Mother Nature happier and our neighbors green with envy.

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