How do I choose plants for my yard?

by The Pros

Often, we choose plants for yards simply because we like their appearance.  It is tempting, but choosing by looks alone costs money, ending in disappointment.  The United States divides into hardiness zones.  We're in Zone 8, meaning the average low is about 38 degrees, record low- about 6.  Plants chosen for Zone 8 are happy in our area.  So- Mother Nature's Private Eye counsel is this:  Get into the ZONE!!!

Cold hardiness zones are critical. Often we think heat of our sweltering summers stress and kill plants.  Reality is that winter determines whether plants survive.  Choosing plants prefering Central Florida temperatures create lottsa-work.   they have to be protected.  They can't take the cold.

Shop at local nurseries.  Their plants are placed in area specific spots showing optimal growth areas like sunny, shady or partial shade. Our local nurseries can also teach us if the chosen plant has any quirks or specific needs.

Correctly chosen and placed plants thrive, grow, resist bugs and disease giving years of pleasure.  Remember:  GET IN THE ZONE and both you and your landscape will be happy.

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