What is IPM?

by The Pros

IPM is an acronym used by environmental professionals.  Mother Nature likes IPM because it's an environmentally friendly and a very, very responsible approach to chemicals, lawns and landscapes.  IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management.  Good environmental stewards demand an IPM approach.

IPM emphasizes nature managing itself, using pest-resistant cultivars, proper watering and planting technics, encouraging natural predators and only a judicious use of chemicals.  The downside is that Integrated Pest Management requires more work and more knowledge than just applying a mixture of chemicals hoping to fix something.  

We have a plethora of harmful insects and diseases in our area.  IPM professionals have to detect which disease or insect is attacking, life cycles, natural enemies and whether plant damage is temporary cosmetic damage or life threatening.  After gathering information the professional then identifies the specific problem, choosing the least invasive resolution.  

When IPM or Integrated Pest Management methods are used Mother Nature will be at her best.  It is a very responsible way to care for our environment, keeping our lawns green, making neighbors green with envy.

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