Denis Robert Nature’s Finest Owner Denis Roberts.

Denis Roberts



Almost thirty years ago the owner of Nature’s Finest, Denis Roberts, made Tallahassee his home. Prior to that he had been living in Utah going to school and was employed as a translator. His last book translation was into Guarani, a Paraguayan Indian dialect. Wanting to be nearer his family and widowed mother, Denis resigned and declined a full-scholarship for the Master's & Doctoral Program in International Relations at Brigham Young University and moved to Tallahassee.

Speaking four languages fluently presented him with some interesting career opportunities. With his knowledge of language and background in international relations he was offered a position with the Attorney General of the State of Florida as a cabinet aide. But discovering he had a deep curiosity, respect and love for Mother Earth, Denis decided instead to buy his best friends' one truck, one-man lawn care business and has never looked back.

Three more interesting facts about Denis are that he was born in Honduras, was sponsored by a U.S. Senator so that Denis could be commissioned into the Navy and he now has a very large family. He is Dad to nine children! If you ask he will share his feelings about the delight and toil of adoption.

  • Horticulturist
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Licensed in Termite & Household Pests; FL Department of Agriculture
  • Licensed in Lawn and Ornamental; FL Department of Agriculture
  • Certified Best Management Practices; FL DEP
  • Green Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)

Daniel Roberts Nature’s Finest’s Landscape & Turf Manager Daniel Roberts.

Daniel Roberts

Landscape & Turf Manager


As the Nature’s Finest Landscape and Turf department manager my job is making your landscape and turf healthy, resulting in a more beautiful home. I am committed to protecting our environment and to ensuring that the correct treatments for your lawn and landscape are applied at the right time and in the correct way. I will give your turf and landscape the five-star treatment. My attention to detail ensures the best results, while keeping our environment healthy. Nature’s Finest chooses to make environmentally friendly choices for a better tomorrow for our future generations.

While I prefer no bugs at all, our team will work to get rid of any harmful bugs you may have in your grass, plants, shrubs, or trees. We will work to keep the good bugs that help the plants stay healthy, fight off other harmful bugs, and give your plants the beautiful blooms you look for.

My best friend is my wife Liz, who is beautiful and exceptionally smart and kind. We have two young children that keep us both on our toes. My wife tells me that I love to walk on the moon lit beach and that I have a wit that won’t quit.

Let me care for your lawn, shrubs, plants, and trees. You’ll be glad that you choose the Pros at Nature’s Finest for your landscape and turf maintenance needs. We do the right things at the right time for optimum results.


  • Licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture
  • Certified Best Management Practices; FL DEP
  • Candidate Entomology Certification; FAMU, State of Florida
  • Turfgrass, Tree, Shrub, & Pest Management; Pest Management University, UF
  • Green Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)
  • Current with EPA & IFAS research

Brad Wonsch Termite and Green Pest Manager Brad Wonsch.

Brad Wonsch

Termite & Green Pest Manager


Born and raised in Tallahassee, I understand the pest problems in this area firsthand. I’m dedicated to giving you my time and personal experience to control your pests, without being a pest myself.

I identify pests and perform termite estimates, treatments and renewals, as well as WDO inspections. I use Green Pest Management (GPM) because it is both extremely effective and environmentally friendly. I am continually updating my skills and knowledge with new techniques and the latest data from the EPA and IPAS through the University of Florida. I train our new employees to use these techniques and information to control pests in and around your home, lawn, and landscape. I also share my education with you, so you can better understand our practices and how they apply to your property.

Currently, I am working toward completing my Bachelors in Accounting from Flagler University. My wife, Shelley, is a Registered Nurse, and we are very happy spending time with our new baby girl. I love to be able to raise her and our future children in the town where I grew up, amongst our family and friends.

And we count you among our friends, and I very much enjoy serving you through Nature’s Finest. I am always available via phone to answer any questions you might have.


  • Licensed with Florida Department of Agriculture
  • Master in Termite Management; UF
  • Certified WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) Inspector; Florida Department of Agriculture

A.J. Johnson Nature’s Finest’s Lawn Maintenance Manager AJ.

A.J. Johnson

Landscape Maintenance Manager


As the Nature's Finest Lawn Maintenance Manager I enjoy my customers and find pleasure in doing the little extras. I am dependable and take great pride in my work. My skills come from 12 years’ experience in the lawn maintenance industry. It’s my goal to maintain your lawn and landscape using the most green and environmentally friendly methods possible. I can provide confidence that your lawn, shrubs, and trees are taken care of by a staff of dedicated professionals.

My knowledge of horticulture and ornamental plant diseases will ensure your lawn and landscape is healthy and thriving. I am certified by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension as a Turf & Landscape Applicator and use Best Management Practices as set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to ensure high quality and environmentally friendly lawn and landscape maintenance for your property.

Nature’s Finest’s lawn and landscape maintenance teams are dedicated to providing you the results you are looking for. Let us help you keep your property healthy and beautiful all year round. We do the right things at the right time for optimum results.


  • Certified Turf & Landscape Applicator; UF
  • Certified Best Management Practices; FL DEP